Why Rent When You Can Rent To Own?

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Customers often come to us paying anywhere from $50 – $100+ per month in self-storage fees.  Oftentimes, the unit that they’re paying for isn’t necessarily close to their home.  Even if the unit is relatively close, their monthly payment has no ownership benefits–it’s just another monthly expense… 😕

Our rent-to-own program can place you on the path to ownership.   You deserve a storage solution that’s built to last and conveniently located on your property. 🙌

Why rent when you can rent to own? 🤔

Carry on to learn more about our easy rent-to-own financing courtesy of New Found Rentals… 🎉

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New Found Rentals offers multiple rental plans to fit your specific needs.  The process is easy, and their program features a variety of user-friendly elements and terms that you’ll love! ♥

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